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A Group Of Seven Men Arrested By Dubai Police | Seven Men Video Popular On Twitter


As you know that I talk about in my article about trending videos that are most popular on the social media like Twitter Reddit and TikTok. As we are already indicated internet users are very interested in seeing the video of the internet that are most popular on internet. Internet users must use particular ways to find the video of the internet. In this article I discuss about the seven men that are arrested by the Dubai police.

Seven men have been arrested in Dubai after a video showing a group of men in an armed fight went viral on social media.

Dubai Police in a stamen posted on social media said they arrested a group of people were involved “in a heated argument in their residences at late hours”.

“The group of African people appeared on a trending video on social media platforms while fighting in a public place and damaging properties,” the statement added.

A video of the incident on Tuesday night appeared to show men with weapons smashing the windows of parked cars and shouting during an altercation on an unidentified street in the emirate.

A case Of Dubai Police

Dubai Police said a criminal case has been registered against the suspects and they will be referred to the public prosecution for further action.

Police warned the public against “unacceptable behavior” and urged members of the community to report such acts to the Police Eye Service on the Dubai Police app or by calling the emergency hotline 999.

Police also warned against sharing or forwarding video clips of the footage to avoid legal accountability, in accordance with article 52 of the UAE Federal Law No 34 of 2021 on countering Rumors and Cybercrimes.

A member of the public who circulates such footage could face a fine of up to $27,225.

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