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adam britton dog video | Adam Britton dog twitter video


The video of Adam Britton dog is getting trending on every social media Site specially on twitter. The video has generated tone of attention among social media users.

This video of Adam Britton dog has been spread on the internet.to know all the details Read the full article.for those who don’t know about Adam Britton here is short introduction of him.

Who is Adam Britton?

Adam is a zoologist from Darwin in Australia.Adam Britton is doing research and study related to crocodiles. He is a Senior Researcher at Charles Darwin University in Darwin.

Adam Britton Dog video:

The video shows animal inhumanity. Adam is a crocodile expert who fed a puppy to a crocodile in salt water. He said that he hates dogs and the dog owner.people are criticising Adam britton for this Act and he is Enduring a huge backlash.

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