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barbie teaser trailer – Barbie’ Teaser video


The video of Barbie’s Teaser has gained a lot of attention.As we All Know Barbie is the most loveable and famous character that entertains everyone, it is generating a large amount of interest among social media users. The teaser of barbie is getting popular among Adults as well was children.

The craze of Barbie is not coming slow that’s why social media users are very interested to watch the Teaser of Barbie.They are very keen to know about the story of the “Barbie” That’s why they are searching it on every website of internet.As a result the teaser haa gained many views within a little amount of time. If you too want to know about the details of Teaser of barbie video read the full article.

Details of Teaser video of barbie:

The teaser video of Barbie has released and getting trending on internet specially on Twitter.the time duration of the teaser video is about 45 seconds. and it is full of dancing, posing, slow-motion, and magenta pink.

we have a little amount of details about the movie that can seen in the teaser video.it stars Margot Robbie as the iconic Mattel doll and Ryan Gosling as her boyfriend Ken, although several official photos of the cast, as well as photos of Robbie and Gosling filming, have already been released.

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