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Boulder High School Shooting | Boulder high school Shooting video


The video of Boulder High School is generating a huge amount of interest on all the social media Sites. it is gaining a lot of attention among social media users.

Social media users are very curious to know about the details of the video.to see the details read the full article.

Boulder High School Shooting

Boulder High School is trending because of the reason of active shooter situation at a school.5 school districts in Colorado have responded today to unconfirmed threats.

In the video which is getting trending on Twitter we can see that Children are evicted from the school due to shooting threats.

But According to The police Chief at 8:33 AM Colorado a 911 call was made from a number and there were sound of gun fire in the background of the call.

They cleared the school & had canine cleared because of possible shooting threat.luckily there is NO injuries at Boulder High School said by the police chief.

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