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Cynthia Twitter video | Cynthia And Claudia controversy


The video of Cynthia and Claudia is generating a huge amount of interest on all the social media Sites. it is gaining a lot of attention among social media users.

People who watch videos online are very are very curious to know about the details of the video.to see the details read the full article

Who is Cynthia?

Cynthia Taylu Is a famous TV personality.she is popular for her show Love in island.She has also continued her modelling career and also launched a YouTube channel, where she vlogs about her life and issues she’s passionate about.

Cynthia and Claudia controversy

Its all started during the tense Casa Amor reunion where both of them Cynthia and Claudia were present.Cynthia was talking about her sentiments towards someone that it’s hard for her to trust anyone.

that’s probably not heard by the Claudia because of some Problem in her earphone, Said Claudia.she also said that I’m laughing at something else, I’m not laughing at you.

but now this thing has offended the fans of Cynthia and Social media users that why she was laughing at Cynthia.

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