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Discourse issues with a healthy lifestyle| Social context in healthy lifestyle| Healthy lifestyle Root| Healthy lifestyle impact

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Discourse issues with a healthy lifestyle

Issues with leading a healthy lifestyle Individual-level treatments have been used for a long time to promote “healthy lifestyles,” which is the main goal of strategies for the prevention of disease and the promotion of health. 

Social context in healthy lifestyle

A sociological critique of the dominant healthy lifestyle discourse has been sparked by the emphasis on an individual level without consideration of social context. 

Healthy lifestyle Root

The social roots of health_related attitudes and behaviours in society are emphasised in this critique, as well as the ideology of personal accountability and “victim blaming” that an individualist approach entails. 

In the context of health promotion, the current understanding of “health” has also been examined, with a focus on a definition that emphasises wellbeing and quality of life. 

Healthy lives impact

The potential impact of “healthy lives” is increased by this “positive” concept of health. Theoretical frameworks that emphasise structural elements generated an of the lifestyle construct. This article makes the case that, despite these models’ foundation in Bourdieu’s work and his habitus notion, they ignore the significance of power and symbolic domination in relation to the definition of “healthy” and the comprehension of lifestyles.

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