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Fitting room h&m twitter video | CCTV Fitting Room Twitter | fitting room viral twitter


Fitting room h&m twitter video

On numerous social media platforms, the footage was leaked. The most often used search keyword for people looking for information about the video is Fitting Video. These videos have been going around the internet for a time; some of them are factual, while others are merely gossip. Fitting’s social media-circulating video also attracted a good deal of attention.

Fitting Room viral Twitter

According to a woman, reckless Malaysians are allegedly selling footage of people changing in changing rooms online. M’sians are allegedly being recorded by covert cameras in H&M dressing rooms. Regarding this illicit action, H&M has acknowledged that an inquiry is investigation.

CCTV Fitting Room Twitter

The woman, @meleisgw, stated that she is traumatised after learning that an online vendor on Twitter’s seedier backwater, the Dark Side (DS), was advertising footage of these defenceless customers.

She also provided bidders with a screenshot of the putative seller’s internet files.

Five people can be seen in fitting rooms in the screenshot, which is thought to be from an H&M retailer, one of the most well-known names in the fashion industry.

“I discovered the image circulating online, and based on what I’ve learned, these movies are being sold on Twitter and have already been bought. 

These recordings, according to someone, were first promoted on the MeWe app “The lady reported”

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