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Florida Atlantic university tournament | The Florida Atlantic team


Florida Atlantic university tournament

Although the Florida Atlantic basketball team is known for their aggressive 3-point shooting, there must be some other factors at play to account for the Owls’ unexpected March Madness run.Vladislav Goldin can help with it.The FAU team has been dominating the boards all season thanks to the 7-foot-1 sophomore center, who is currently leading the team with 238 rebounds before their Elite 8 matchup against Kansas State.

The Florida Atlantic team

The Florida Atlantic team acts as a pillar for both the team’s defence and coach Dusty May’s explosive offence: This season,they have blocked 45 shots.With 10.2 points per game, Goldin is third on the team in scoring behind only the guards Johnell Davis and Alijah Martin. His 63% shooting rate is the highest among the key FAU players.

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