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What is Generation gap

Generation gap refers to the chasm that separates the belief and behaviors belonging to member of two different generations . More specifically generation gap used to describe the difference in thoughts, actions , tastes exhibited by members of younger generation versus older one.

“Every generation needs regeneration “

~Charles Surgeon

Causes of Generation Gap

Generation gap caused by increased life expectancy , rapid changes in society.Age is one of the most reason for natural gap between generations .The children believe that the are grow ups and it is high time for them to be independent . This helps them to gain more self-esteem.

Effects of Generation Gap

Difference to each generations approach to the work, communication style and world view can lead to resentment when a person of one generation dose not act and speak in a way that is congruent with that of someone from a different generations .

“There was no respect for youth when i was young, and now i am old , there is not respect for age __ I missed it coming and going “

J.B Priestly

Solving suggestions for Generation Gap

Now a days we are all facing generation gap issue. We should solve generation gap problem with these suggestions which are given below 👇

1.We should provide a variety of communication channels.

2.we should established two way mentorship program

3.we should put respect front and center

4.Dont make assumptions

5.we should mind the generation gap

6.Guard against age segregation

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