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Jack Manifold video | jack and Eleanor Neale twitter video


Recently a video of jack Manifold and Eleanor Neale is getting trending on every social media site. People who watch the videos online are very curious to know about the video’s content.

The video of jack manifold and Eleanor Neale has gained an increased amount of attention in a very short time period. To know the details read the full article, but before it here’s a short introduction of Jack manifold.

Who is jack manifold?

Jack Manifold born on August 14 in 2002 and he is a popular face of the live streaming site.Jack Manifold is an English content creator, gamer, and social media personality. He is best known for streaming Minecraft-related videos on Twitch.

Jack Manifold video

In the video we can see that Jack Manifold has announced his girlfriend’s name.his girlfriend ELEANOR NEALE has posted the video on her YouTube channel in which they both the ElEANOR NEALE and JACK MANIFOLD are confessing about their relationship.

this Video generated a huge amount of attention among social media users and it is Trending on Twitter. people are curious to know about the reality of video that either it’s a prank video or they came into the real relationship.

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