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Johnny Depp and lawyer Camille Vasquez reunite for a new lawsuit


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The lawyer who sh*t to reputation protecting Johnny Depp in court will quickly reunite with the actor to plead his case as soon as again.

Camille Vasquez is to protect Depp in court in any other legal drama subsequent month as he faces claims he assaulted a worker on a film set, reports the New York Post.

Vasquez can be a part of the actor’s legal group on the Los Angeles Superior Court next month for a lawsuit introduced by Gregg “Rocky” Brooks, the location manager on Depp’s 2018 film City of Lies.

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After the Amber Heard trial, Camille Vasquez will once more be representing Johnny Depp in a separate trial for an alleged 2017 attack.

Power lawyer Camille Vasquez will quickly be right again in the court to once more protect Johnny Depp.

As millions watched from across the world, Vasquez represented Depp in his latest defamation trial with ex-wife Amber Heard.

The insurance became Vasquez right into a superstar and prevailing the trial earned her a promoting to partner at her law firm.

Depp was additionally clearly happy with the job Vasquez did for him in court. Vasquez will once more constitute Depp in regard to a separate lawsuit filed towards the previous Pirates of the Caribbean star for an attack that allegedly took place in 2017.

Greg “Rocky” Brooks claims that he was working as a area supervisor on Depp’s film City of Lies when he was punched a couple of times in the ribs by the actor at the set.

Brooks additionally claims Depp’s breath smelled of alc*hol and that Depp had taunted Brooks by providing him $100,000 to hit him again.

Through the lawsuit, which was filed in 2018 and could visit the courtroom on July 25, 2022, Brooks says the incident triggered him to go through emotional misery and he’s looking for financial damages.

Depp has denied that things occurred the way Brooks has defined. According to Danoff, Depp never bodily attacked Brooks, nor did he make the $100,000 offer as defined in the complaint.

She also claims to have 40 time-stamped images to show her story.

There’s not a lot surprise in seeing Camille Vasquez again in Johnny Depp’s corner for his subsequent legal battle.

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