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Jordan Poole continues struggle | Jordan Poole difficulties against Bucks | The Warriors needs Jordan Poole


Jordan Poole continues struggle

The Golden State Warriors have been having trouble lately as a collective. Until winning in overtime against the Milwaukee Bucks on Saturday, they had dropped three consecutive road games.Many Warriors fans are aware of one highly significant player who has endured persistent difficulties.

Over the last four games, Jordan Poole has averaged 14 points on a dismal 34.8% from the field and 29.6% from three-point range, not looking like the guy we are all familiar with. He has an average plus-minus of -10.8 over this period, and the Warriors continue to struggle to deal with his defence.

Jordan Poole difficulties against Bucks

Poole had difficulties even when playing against the Bucks at Chase Center. Although it wasn’t as horrible as some of the prior games, I only scored 13 points on 4-for-13 shooting for the night.With Stephen Curry’s comeback and Poole’s shift back to the bench, you can see he is in some sort of funk.

Poole may be seen starting to force his shots. He’s uneasy and makes some poor attempts because he feels pressured to score while Curry is on the bench. Nothing seems to be moving as smoothly as it does when he is at his best.

Knowing that Curry will re-enter the game and that his shot opportunities will be restricted, Poole is hurried when he comes off the bench. It’s not necessarily intentional, so the fourth-year guard is more likely to be influenced by subconscious mental factors.

Even with Andrew Wiggins out of the lineup, the 23-year-old is no longer a member of the Warriors’ closing five due to his deficiencies on defence and his present offensive inefficiency. Nevertheless, Donte DiVincenzo is a much more reliable choice because to both his outside shooting and ability to defend the point of attack with ferocity.

The Warriors needs Jordan Poole

The Warriors require more from Poole after dropping three consecutive contests and almost missing a fourth straight defeat to a Giannis Antetokounmpo-less Bucks squad. The Warriors can still be the club they envisioned at the beginning of the season if he can improve his play and contribute roughly 25 fantastic minutes off the bench.


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