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What follows Lamar Jackson’s non-exclusive franchise tag with the Ravens?

Josh Wilson 2 days agoLamar Jackson was given the non-exclusive franchise tag by the Baltimore Ravens. How does that affect what comes next? The Baltimore Ravens absolutely outdid themselves, boy oh boy. Lamar Jackson, the quarterback, and the two parties’ contract expectations were just too far apart after essentially a year of negotiations, or lack thereof, to reach a long-term agreement.

Jackson was given a franchise tag by the Ravens. They employed the non-exclusive franchise term in particular. Instead of the exclusive franchise tag, that classification makes it possible for other teams to extend a long-term contract to Jackson.

What comes next for Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens is listed below.

In reality, the next step is simply waiting. Jackson has been designated, so other clubs are free to offer him contracts if they want to attempt and lure him away from the Ravens. Jackson will play for the Ravens for a single season if no team makes a bid, which seems improbable.

He would have to sit out the entire year and receive nothing if he decides not to participate under the one-year contract.Even though you would think the Ravens made a mistake by allowing other teams to compete for Jackson (they could have used the exclusive tag to prevent him from speaking with other teams), Baltimore made a wise decision by going this path because It affords them the chance to retain Jackson in Baltimore at a fair price without having to engage in further, obviously fruitless talks.

Others team sign Lamar

Other teams can sign Jackson with the non-exclusive tag, but Baltimore has the option to match any offer sheet he receives. The decision to keep him in Baltimore or not rests with them. The organisation wants to retain him on staff and develop with him, according to general manager Eric DeCosta.Also, the team that contracts Jackson must send the Ravens two first-round picks if the Ravens decide not to match the contract.

Clubs wont want to pay Lamar

Clubs won’t want to pay Jackson as much as they would if the Ravens had no involvement at all since they will also have to forfeit draught capital. Baltimore will therefore be required to match offers that are ostensibly below market value.Jackson requested a contract that went beyond what Baltimore was prepared to offer. Deshaun Watson’s salary and other outrageously high quarterback contracts in the NFL have previously served as Jackson’s evidence.

The Ravens are essentially calling his bluff at this point and saying, “If other teams will pay you that much, we’ll match it, but we don’t feel that’s your market.”The Ravens maintain order while allowing for some minor disorder. Must be enjoyable.

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