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Maplewood Mall Incident | Death at Maplewood Mall


Here we have a very sad and heart breaking news about the death of Maplewood Mall.people are very curious to know about the cause of his death if you too want to know about the details then read the full article.

Maplewood Mall Incident

On 18 February 2023 on Saturday an unpleasant incident happened in Maplewood Mall in Maplewood, Minnesota. In this Incident a store owner reportedly committed Suc*de inside the shopping center.

Maplewood Mall incident details

Due to the incident the effected part of the mall will be closed temporarily,while the investigations are ongoing. According to the sources the store owner took his own life by hanging within his store.

The identity of the store owner is not known yet because police has not not disclosed it for now.However The store name was FYE.Further investigations are going regarding this incident.we will update you as soon as we get any further information.

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