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Northern Kentucky trending on Twitter | Houston of Northern Kentucky | Cougars injury


Northern Kentucky trending on Twitter

In Highland Heights, Kentucky, there is a public institution called Northern Kentucky University. With more than 14,000 students, it is predominantly an undergraduate university, with roughly 2,000 graduate students and over 12,000 undergraduates.

Although it joined the state system before the University of Louisville, Northern Kentucky University is the youngest of Kentucky’s eight universities and the third-largest after the University of Cincinnati and Miami University. The Salmon P. Chase College of Law and the College of Informatics, both established in 2006, are among the university’s offerings.

Houston of Northern Kentucky

Although the University of Houston men’s basketball team has been perhaps the greatest in the nation this season, the Cougars’ best player’s future is still up in the air as the NCAA tournament gets underway.Sasser would be “one of those infamous game-time choices,” Houston coach Kelvin Sampson said in a news conference before Thursday’s Round of 64 matchup against No. 16 seed Northern Kentucky.

Cougars injury

Even though Sasser eventually made a comeback to the Cougars’ starting lineup, he still seemed to be battling with the injury as he went to the bench in apparent pain late in the first half. By halftime, he had two rebounds and five points, although he had only played 14 minutes, the fewest of any starter for UH.

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