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Orlando Sanchez bjj death – Orlando Sanchez obituary


The heartbreaking news of the death of Orlando Sanchez made everyone cry.On December 16.Orlando Sanchez passed away at the age of 40.the news of Orlando Sanchez ,or the Cuban Tree Stump’s death was confirmed. It has been revealed that the jiu-jitsu fighter died unexpectedly.

Orlando has been showcasing his talent for a long time and it has helped him to gain a large number of followers who supported him.Fans were shocked when the news of his death was confirmed by his friends.

His Fans are in a great sorrow to hear about the death of ORLANDO SANCHEZ. They are trying hard to know about the reason behind his sudden death.If you too want to know about the details of death Orlando Sanchez then read the full article for those who don’t know about Orlando Sanchez here we are presenting a short introduction of him

Who was Orlando Sanchez?

Full name of Orlando Sanchez was Orlando Mario Sanchez.Orlando Sanchez he was commonly known as The Cuban Tree Stump or as The Big O.Orlando Sanchez was born in California and he was an American-born jiu-jitsu black belt fighter.

Orlando Sanchez was also recognized for his life experience, particularly for overcoming his drug dependence through jiu-jitsu, a martial art in which he earned the rank of black belt in 4 years, one of the fastest promotions in American

Orlando Sanchez was now running a Gracie Barra Jiu-Jitsu School in Pasadena and continues to compete regularly.Now Orlando Sanchez has passed away and his fans want to know about the cause of his sudden death.

Cause Of Death of Orlando Sanchez:

Few years back Orlando Sanchez suffered with a cardiac event that was specifically atrial fibrillation. It remains to be seen whether this, along with other contributing made a cause of his death.

But the actual cause of his death is still unknown and we will update this post as soon as we have more information.

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