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Who is Paulina Rubio?

The 17th day of June 1971 saw the birth of Paulina Rubio. Paulina Rubio she born in Mexico City, the nation’s capital. Despite being 51 years old, Paulina Rubio doesn’t appear to be any older than 30. Paulina Rubio had such a long and fruitful career in music. At the age of just seven years old, she began singing. Her granddad was teaching her how to sing as she did so.

Paulina Rubio trending video

Paulina Rubio is trending due to controversial footage that aired on the Spanish program Fiesta, in which the singer can be seen taking a bath on the beach. The images have elicited numerous comments for the protagonist of “The Last Adios.”

Before finishing her show, presenter Emma Garcia announced that she had an exclusive: “Attention, we have images of Paulina Rubio on the beach.” Many people assumed that it was the singer showing off her amazing body in a bikini while enjoying some sun, but the first images she showed were not of that nature.

However, the speech continued, “What many do in private, she does apartada de la orilla and encima de varias rocas,” this is when the famous is captured agachándose poco a poco, mientras se acomoda, recarga su antebrazos en sus piernas y en una posición en cuclillas está lista para hacer sus“Paulina se Agatha, Paulina finally makes caca,” the conductor describes the sequence of images.

After being apprehended, the news does not end there, because apuros and desperation can be seen in other actions, such as how, in the absence of sanitary paper, the famous woman takes stones from her surroundings to use and clean herself with, before throwing them into the sea.

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