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Shanquella Robinson Video Full Twitter

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A new video has surfaced online depicting Shanquella Robinson giggling and joking with her pals hours before she passed away.

Robinson, 25, travelled with a group from Charlotte to Cabo on October 28 to celebrate a friend’s birthday. The following day, she was discovered dead, and her friends informed her mother that she had died of alcohol poisoning.

She then discovered she had a broken neck, and a video that was leaked revealed Robinson had been attacked while  in her bedroom.

recent video of the North Carolina woman who was fatally battered at a resort in Mexico and fractured her neck can be seen joking with her pals just hours before she passed away.

Shanquella Robinson, 25, can be heard making fun of her companions in the Neighborhood Talk video for taking too long to get ready in their Fundadores Beach Club villa.

In a video of her exploring the resort of San Jose del Cabo, Robinson makes jokes. The woman, who eventually suffered a fractured spine and broken neck, circles the Villa Linda 32 room before entering to join several other women who are debating swimsuits.

The video, which was published on Friday, has received close to 90,000 likes and several comments.Numerous commenters have suggested that her friends’ responses as she enters the room may be a foreshadowing of things to come.

They were in there discussing her!” One individual commented, “The body language speaks for itself.

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