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Trending Video Babysitter Assaults Child Detained On Tuesday


With the help of our article, we are going to discuss a shameful act of a babysitter.

Two years old child was beaten by a babysitter.

As soon as the video came on social media many online users are angry with the babysitter’s behavior.

with the help of our article, we inform you about the full story of a babysitter.

The child’s mother and father had been employed. The child’s parents hired a babysitter to look after him even as they went to work.

The parents placed a CCTV camera after noticing a shift in their baby’s behavior and listening to what the doctor advised, best to discover that the nanny they trusted was seriously abusing their son.

The accused attendant became visible thrashing the boy and dragging him by his hair in the footage.

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The police have been notified, and the attendant was booked and arrested according to relevant laws.

The parents of the two-year-old boy in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, had observed a distinction of their child for days.

He has become quieter and weaker. They finally took the little one to the doctor, who found that his internal organs have been bloated and that he was tortured.

After that, the couple determined to put in a home safety camera.while the couple saw the video records, they found that the babysitter, who were recruited four months ago to look after their child, were beating him on a everyday basis.

Rajni Chaudhry, the babysitter was arrested after the child’s parents filed a complaint alleging CCTV proof displaying the babysitter assaulting the child.

The babysitter can be visible slapping the boy and pulling his hair while he seems groggy in video footage.

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