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Trump Twitter trending news

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Trump Twitter account put back by Elon Mask after 1 year and 10 months of its suspension. Elon Mask made a poll of an announcement about trump twitter that whether trump account should be reinstate. Twitter users have to vote by clicking yes or no option.

51.8 % Twitter user vote for yes and remaining users vote for no. But majority say yes also Elon said “The Voice of the People, the Voice of God”. So trump will put back.

Trump account reappear on the plateform with more than 59,000 foregoing tweets. Very few followers of trump were left but after his account put back his follower becomes more than 2 million in  approximately one and half hour.

It was not sure that whether trump came back on account or not as he did not tweeted yet. Mask said in the conference held on may that to ban trump account was a bad decision further he said he allow trump to back on twitter if he buy twitter company.

After this step of mask the president of NAACP said to all advertising companies to stop funding the twitter company and many companies stop there funds to Twitter company.

He also said Elon Mask using Twitter like this and taking decisions by pollings  do not represent American public and democracy. From the department of justice Donald Trump is going through two criminal problems.

One problem is Capitol Insurrection and second is during FBI search in August they found some secret documents.

Mask disorder and fast efforts are to reshape twitter. Mask also fire alot of full-time worker and contractors who are responsible for content moderation.

Trump is no more interested to back on twitter. He use truth social to communicate with people. Trump praise Elon Mask and said he always like him.

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