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Video Of Alligator Attack In Florida | Alligator attack video


The video of Alligator Attack is generating a huge amount of interest on all the social media Sites. it is gaining a lot of attention among social media users.

People who watch videos online are very are very curious to know about the details of the video.to see the details read the full article

Alligator Attack video details

A Sad and Heart breaking video is trending everywhere which contain the moment of a 10 foot long alligator jump at an 85 years old woman in Florida.then the alligator dragged her to her death as she tries to protect her dog from the Alligator.

According to the video the old woman Gloria Serge was standing with her dog on Monday along a lake outside Spanish Lakes Fairways.

The dog managed to get out of harms way but the alligator attacked on Gloria Serge, who was dragged into the water that lead her to her death.

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