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Was Nicola Bulley Suicidal |Nicola bulley Missing


Recently a headline of Nicola Bulley is Trending on everywhere, on every social media site and on mainstream media as well. People are very curious to know about the full details behind her missing.

Nicola Bulley is missing from many days but there are no details about her yet. police is investigating this Issue. In this article we will tell you about the whole efforts regarding this case.

Who is Nicola Bulley?

Nicola Bulley is A 45 years old British woman.who disappeared from St. Michael’s on Wyre in Lancashire, United Kingdom on 27 January 2023.

Nicola bulley missing

It’s been 20 days that Nicola Bulley is missing. According to the sources On Friday 27 January 2023, Bulley went from her home to the nearby village of St. Michael’s on Wyre where, after dropping her children off at school at approximately 08:40 she walked along the River Wyre with the dog.

But now police is Revealing her personal information e.g she was unstable and all these type of things instead of searching for her. Socail media users are showing their anger towards police because they want to know about where she is. We will update you about this incident as soon as we get further information regarding this case.

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