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water pollution | History of the water | Extensive Discussion on water | Recycling and utilization of water wastage


Water Pollution

An in-depth look at the fundamentals and most recent advancements in the field of water pollution can be found in the article Water Pollution: Causes, Effects, and Control. The 28 chapters of the book cover nearly every aspect of water pollution, including water resources and basic characteristics of water.

History of the Water

The origin, sources, and effects of pollutants; bioaccumulation and biomagnification; toxicity testing; the interaction of various toxins; the history of water pollution and legislation; 

Water quality standards, biomonitoring of water pollution, bacteriological testing and purification of drinking water, monitoring and control of pollution in lakes, rivers, estuaries, and coastal waters, the physical and biological structure of aquatic systems, and the structure, properties, and uses of water are all covered.

Extensive Discussion on water

There has been extensive discussion on some key subjects, including eutrophication, organic pollution, oil pollution, and thermal pollution. 

Extensive attention has also been paid to the problems with water quality brought on by water-borne pathogens and nuisance algae, as well as the water pollution brought on by pesticides, heavy metals, radionuclides, toxic organic and inorganic materials. 

The book goes into great detail about characterising and measuring the flow of industrial waste water as well as controlling water pollution using a variety of techniques.To Treat Wastes That Are Both Biological And Nonbiological. 

Recycling and utilization of water wastage

The article Also Includes Considerations For Recycling And Utilization Of Waste Waters. 

The scenario of water pollution as well as Indian water-related policies and programmes have also received special attention. 

Students studying environmental science, life science, and social science at the undergraduate and graduate levels will find the book immediately interesting. 

The article will be of great interest to people from a wide range of other disciplines, including civil, chemical, and environmental engineering, pollution control organisations, industries, as well as working engineers, consultants, and researchers.

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