Home Trending Wendy Cagur injury rumours | Is Wendy Cagur injured?

Wendy Cagur injury rumours | Is Wendy Cagur injured?


Wendy Cagur injury rumours

Recently a news is circulating on the social media that wendy cagur is hospitalised due to some sort of injury.He is a famous person and his Fans And social media users are very interested to know about his health.

Who is Wendy Cagur?

Wendy Cagur is also know as Wendy Armoko. He born on May 8 in 1979. He is 43 years old and He is an Indonesian rapper, actor, presenter, and comedian. He is a member of band The Cagur Band.

Wendy cagur injury details

Wendy Cagur was undergoing treatment at the hospital. Wendy admitted that this was only due to fatigue from the busy activities she was undergoing.and all the Rumours about his injury are fake.

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