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Marital problems |Stratagies for solving the marital problems


What are Marital Problems

When two people assigned the marriage paper they will became officially Husband Wife. They live together and face many challenges of life.They disturb mentally as well as physically.These challenges effected there married life.

“Cheating and lying are not struggles, they are reasons to break up”

Problems of Marital life

There can be many problems between husband and wife in marital life.Some of them are given below that can cause conflicts between them.

•Lack of communication is most effecting factor of marriage life.
•Lack of intimacy disturb marriage.
•Disrespectful boundaries in the relationship.

•They have no time for one another there life become boredom .
•They start to cheat and infidelity one another .
•They feels jealousy and face the problems of strees.

Strategies for solving Marital Problems

Conflicts and usual arguments are present in every relationship so we should try to resolve them instead of separation.here we have some stratagies for you to resolve your marital problems.

  1. Communicate, communicate and Communicate ……
  2. Recognize when you are in a gridlock…..
  3. Break the curse of familiarity…..
  4. Express yourself constructively …..
  5. Make decision together
  6. Acknowledge your spouse’s feeling…..
  7. Keep a positive attitude …..
  8. Understand that its not a competition…..
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