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What is joe Biden doing with young girl in public, watch full trending video


The US President gave dating advice to this young girl in a video, which is going viral on the internet. The girl looked uncomfortable at first but then she laughed and said that she will keep Biden`s advice in her mind.

US President Joe Biden is in the news recently for various reasons, and one of them is for his dating advice to a young girl.

President Biden attended an event at the Irvine Valley Community College and there while interacting with the students, he tells one girl “No serious guys until you are 30.” The video of the conversation captured during the event is going viral on social media.

The President is seen taking pictures on the campus during a meet and greet session. Later, on a lighter note, he tells a girl standing in front of him, “Now, a very important thing I told my daughters and granddaughters.” He adds, “No serious guys until you are 30.”The girl, who seemed a bit awkward, said “okay, I will keep that in mind” and starts laughing.

Earlier, Joe Biden had hit the headlines after he opened up about his friendship with a girl who was 18 years younger than him. The US President, during his speech at the National Education Association, had stopped midway after he seemingly recognised a woman in the crowd.

“You gotta say hi to me. We go back a long way. She was 12, I was 30. But anyway, this woman helped me get an awful lot done,” he said.”

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