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What is Water ? | Water importance | Advantages of water | why we need Water


What is water

Water is a substance that exists in gaseous, liquid, and solid phases and is made up of the chemical elements hydrogen and oxygen.

One of the most prevalent and necessary substances is it. It is a colourless, odourless liquid at room temperature with the crucial property of dissolving numerous other compounds.

Importance of water

To replace the fluids lost through perspiration, you need water. 

In order to have good stools and prevent constipation, you also need to have adequate water in your system. 

Additionally, your kidneys play a crucial role in the process of urinating away waste. Water consumption that is adequate promotes renal health and improves kidney function.About 60% of your body is made up of water. 

These physiological fluids serve a variety of purposes, including digestion, nutrient transfer, circulation, saliva production, and body temperature regulation.

Advantage s of Water

Water is necessary for us. Water have many advantages some of them is below.

boosts energy and reduces fatigue. 

Drinking it makes you more alert and helps you think, concentrate, and focus better because your brain is mainly water.

Promotes weight loss.

 flushes toxins out, and more.

Enhances Skin Complexion and Keeps Regularity.

Why we need Water?

Your body’s organs, cells, and tissues all require water to function properly. Your body requires water, for instance, to regulate body temperature, flush out waste, and lubricate joints. Overall health depends on drinking enough water.

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