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Why is Twitter trending with “#PortfolioDay”? | How does #PortfolioDay work? | What time is #PortfolioDay?


Why is Twitter trending with “#PortfolioDay”?

Therefore, let’s go through some straightforward inquiries before we see why #PortfolioDay is hot on Twitter.

How does #PortfolioDay work?

Every three months, on Portfolio Day, artists and creatives can present their online portfolios in the hopes of growing their followings on Twitter and finding freelancing or paid positions. It’s a great method to push yourself to constantly update your portfolio, and it can open up the door to not only more business but also some amazing new creative contacts.

What time is #PortfolioDay?

There has been some disagreement regarding the precise date of Portfolio Day. Ben The Illustrator asked fellow creatives on Twitter for clarification because he was so perplexed about the event’s date, and several responded.

The situation was explained by Audrey Gonzalez, who also mentioned that Portfolio Day occurs every three months on the second Tuesday of the month.

Do you need to participate in #PortfolioDay?

There is no excuse for you not to participate in Portfolio Day when all it takes is sending a tweet with a few examples of your work, a link to where people can see more, and the hashtag. Of course, you may also add more pertinent hashtags to specify exactly what kind of creative you are, such as #illustration or #3dartist.

Additionally, it’s important to look at how other individuals are disseminating their work and what has received the most attention in order to determine what stands out. Here are a few of our favourite most recent uses of the hashtag. And no, not all of them were distributed on the precise day.Because it was Portfolio Day on Tuesday, April 15, it started trending on Twitter yesterday.I sincerely hope that my response was helpful to you. If so, kindly give it a “upvote” so that I can benefit.


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