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6ix9ine trending on Twitter | 6ix9ine had been expelled


6ix9ine trending on Twitter

After allegedly getting “beaten by a group of men inside a South Florida gym,” 6ix9ine was taken to the hospital on Tuesday. According to 6ix9ine’s lawyer Lance Lazzaro, he was attacked without provocation while in a LA Fitness sauna without personal security.Tekashi was transported by ambulance to a nearby hospital. According to me, as rib, back, and jaw injuries.

6ix9ine had been expelled

It was reported in December of last year that 6ix9ine had been expelled from an exclusive Miami condominium building. SLS Lux Property’s legal team wrote to the rapper and claimed that his security guard had left an assault rifle unattended on the premises. Furthermore, it identified “the bounty placed on 6ix9ine’s life” and his “provocative antics” as possible reasons why his being there would put others in danger.

He was supposedly jumped a few months earlier at a nightclub in Dubai, when the DJ called him out as an informant. Asserting that the DJ “got smoked,” Tekashi urged people to “get the news right.”

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