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Adriana kuch attack by students

After a video of her being indecent activity by females in the school hallway was shared on social media, Adriana Kuch committed on February 3. Kuch was attacked on February 1 as she walked down a hallway with her lover, and two days later, she was discovered at her house. The father of the victim described the terrible act as years of bullying. Her father Michael Kuch expressed his rage at the Central Regional High School administration in Berkeley Township for failing to alert the police about the attack.

“Their protocol is not to make a report or notify the police when a child is assaulted with a persuading,” he claimed. Michael mentioned in a social media post that following He took Adriana, who was “soaked in clot” to the neighbourhood police station after the incident and said that if the school had alerted authorities, they could have started an investigation and identified and removed the web video of the assault right away.

Adriana kuch trending video

Michael Kuch, Adriana’s father, expressed his worries about bullying in schools in multiple Facebook posts. I want the entire world to know what these animals did to my daughter, he added in reference to the video. Adriana committed after the bullying episode, according to Kuch. He described in detail how she was bullied that day and how the school handled the problem poorly in the post. He claimed that even though his daughter was severely bruised all over her body and had gone unconscious following the attack, she was instead sent to a nurse instead of being taken to the hospital.

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