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Aisha Lee’s Photos And Videos Trending On Social Media


Aisha Lee’s is trending on the internet at this time. Recently one of her videos has been trending and people on the internet have gone crazy to get the link and watch the video, for they are searching about her on the web. In this article we will talk about her personal details and her trending video.

Renowned Ugandan veteran journalist Stanely Ndawula is on the spot for trending a female friend’s n3des after she refused to sleep with him.

The pics and videos which are going trending on social media are reported to be of a one Aisha Lee.

The saga has since spilled over to social media causing a stir. In the chats that have also since been trending, Ndawula is seen threatening Aisha that he will trending all the n4des on all Social Media platforms.

Ndawula asks Aisha to call him on his number so that they can meet up and have a romp or else he will trending the photos.

He however promises that if she accepts and gives in, he will delete the photos.It appears she didn’t give in, given the fact that the trending photos have found their way to social media.

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