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Amusement Park Ride Incident – Mohali Carnival Ride Mishap 15 People Got Injured


Amusement park ride incident was very dangerous this was happened in Mohali. People were shocked when they heard about this incident.

Fair ride accident happened on Sunday 10.p.m in Mohali. Mohali Carnival ride mishap was heartbreaking and hurt people at a Dussehra event at a Mohali fairground. According to the report 50 feet high swing fell and made fun of a horrible incident.

Several people were hurt Sunday night in Mohali when a carnival ride broke. It is in the Dussehra Ground and the incident were happened when the people riding vertical tower.

15 People Got Injured In This Incident

According to the report it is said that at least 15 to 16 people mostly children and women were injured.

Woman said, when the swing went up we saw people fall out of it mostly children and women were sitting in it people of carnival helped to take out and go to the hospitals.

Mohali policy Deputy Commissioner Amit Talwar said that an investigation would be started and take strict action about it.

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