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Blueface and chrissean’s Dad trending video,Blueface and chrissean Twitter video


The Video of Blueface and Chrissean is getting trending on internet very rapidly specially on Twitter.Social Media users are very interested to know about the content of the video. this is the reason that they are searching for the video on every social site, due to which the reach of the video has increased incredibly.

The video of Blue face and Chrissean has gained a lot of popularity that it’s became the hotly debated topic on Twitter and other social media users. People are curious to know that why this video is trending on internet. if you too want to know about the details of the video then read the full article.

For those who don’t know about who is Blue face here’s a short introduction of him.

Who is Blue face?

The real name of Blue face is Jonathan Porter. but he is professionally known as Blueface or Blueface Bleedem. Blue face is an American rapper. he is famous for his high-pitched voice and off-beat style of rapping. he earned much popularity after his song “Respect My Crypn” trending on the internet. And the lady chrissean is his girlfriend.

Recently their video is trending on internet. In this article we will discuss why this video is trending and what is in the video.

Details of the video:

As we know that the video of Blueface is creating a lot of hype on everywhere, here are some details about the video.In the video we can see that blueface attacked his girlfriend’s father.

According to sources in the video the blueface and Chrissean’s father were engage in some kind of fighting. Blueface beat his girlfriend’s Father. the reason behind this fight isn’t know yet. But we can clearly see that Chrissean was on her boyfriend’s side in this video.

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