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Co-education| Introduction of Co-education | advantages of Co-education | disadvantages of Co-education | why is necessary Co-education

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introduction of Co-Education

Co_education is the teaching and rearing of boys and girls, or of young people of both sexes, in the same courses and through the same academic programmes, at the same school or institution.

“A child without education is like a bird without wings.”

Advantages of Co-education

encouraging conversation and inclusivity. 

Boys and girls develop mutual respect, understanding, and support for one another while learning in a coeducational setting. Students recognize and value both their own and one another’s unique value.

Disadvantages of Co-education

Lack of attention is just one of the main drawbacks of co_education. Since opposite sexes naturally gravitate toward one another, they lose focus on their education and their temperament. Students are experiencing sexual harassment in co-educational schools, too.

Why is necessary Co-education

Boys and girls learn together without any distinctions under one roof in a setting known as co-education. 

There are several reasons why the co-educational system is necessary today. Boys and girls both receive academic, moral, and physical education under this system.

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