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Dubahub Video on Twitter – Who is dubahub guy


Dabahug Trending video:

This past weekend, a popular video went online and immediately received millions of views.it’s a video of a man using a skateboard to roll down the sides of a bus.This video was recorded and broadcast from Medellin, a city in the province of Antioquia.

Details of dabahug video:

In the video a man Using a skateboard, rolls down the sides of the bus in the video.The person in the video was clinging onto the corners or edges of a moving bus while riding a skateboard and using a cell phone.

He rides his skateboard next to the bus as it speed up. Attention is drawn to this incident because the man recklessly uses his mobile phone while putting his life in danger.

Who is Dabahug guy:

Authorities there are also looking for the person in the video. As seen in the video, the person breaking traffic laws puts many other people’s lives in danger But they didn’t identify the guy yet.

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