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Did You Know About Jeon Wonwoo [Wonwoo Seventeen] ? Say Happy Birthday To Jeon Wonwoo, Today is the day of Jeon Wonwoo on Twitter

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Wonwoo Seventeen real name Jeon Wonwoo born 17, July 1996 age 25 years is a famous South Korean rapper, singer, songwriter, model, television personality, performer, entertainer, social media influencer and entrepreneur. This talented guy is famous in the country as the leap rapper in the famous South Korean Brand called Seventeen.

As per wikipedia Seventeen is a South Korean boy brand. This brand is formed by Pledis Entertainment in the year 2015. Being a lead rapper Jeon is in the Hip Hop team of Seventeen. He has also performed live at various music events and live shows with the Seventeen brand group.

Today Is The Birthday Of Jeon Wonwoo

I wish happiness will fill your every day, moment and seconds in your life. Thank you for everything. Thank you for becoming an idol and entering my life, spreading all happiness and songs to us. No words are enough for you and we just love you for everything.

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We wish you all the very best!

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