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Ego depletion| Strength model of self-control| Analysis of ego depletion

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Ego depletion

The strength model postulates that self-control is a limited resource that, when used up, results in poorer self-control task performance, or ego depletion, and defines one’s ability to exert effortful control over dominating responses. The impact of ego depletion on task performance and related outcomes, as well as potential moderators and alternative explanations for the effect, were examined in a meta-analysis of 83 studies.

Strength model of self-control

Additional strength model hypotheses were also tested. Findings showed that ego depletion had a substantial impact on how well people performed self-control tasks. The effects of ego depletion on effort, perceived difficulty, negative affect, subjective weariness, and blood sugar levels were all shown to be statistically significant. There were negligible, insignificant impacts for both self-efficacy and good affect.

Analysis of ego depletion

The results of moderator analyses showed that there was little variance in the effect depending on the source laboratory, the type of dependent measure and control condition task, the sphere of depleting and dependent task, and how frequently these tasks were utilised. 

The intertask interim time, dependent task complexity, usage of dependent tasks in the choice and volition and cognitive worlds, depleting task duration, task presentation by the same or other experimenters, dependent task complexity impacted the effect size. 

Better self-control was encouraged in ego-depleted samples through motivational incentives, self -control training, and glucose supplementation. Expecting additional displays of restraint made the problem worse. 

Results offer early support for the strength model and the ego-depletion effect hypotheses. There is a need for evidence to support motivation and weariness as potential causes of ego depletion to incorporate other theories into the strength model. The results encourage further research into additional ego-depletion effect mechanisms and ideas.

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