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Frankston Hospital Crane Accident,Crane falls on Frankston Hospital


Around 70 people had to be evacuated after a crane toppled on the mental health inpatient section of a crucial Melbourne hospital.

Around 70 people need to be evacuated after a crane toppled on Frankston Hospital.According to Fire Rescue Victoria, on Wednesday about 10am, emergency services were called to the hospital due to reports that a crane had fallen on one of the buildings.

“Crews assisted with the evacuation of about 50 residents in less than five minutes and will remain on scene,” they stated. According to reports of the crane incident, the Frankston Fire Service got a regular call at around 10 a.m. on Wednesday, according to Greg Christison, assistant chief fire officer at Fire Rescue Victoria.

About 70 people, half of whom were patients and the other half were medical professionals, were present in the hospital’s mental health unit when the crane collapsed, according to Mr. Christison.

Scenes were a little disorganised, he told NCA NewsWire on Wednesday in the late afternoon. He claimed that originally, gas leak and water rupture issues necessitated the use of FRV employees.

Between “30 to 40” FRV crew members, as well as roughly the same numbers of police and medical personnel, according to Mr. Christison, were on the site.

It was “amazing no one was wounded,” he said.

Police were on the site, according to a Victoria Police spokesperson.

The official told NCA Newswire that when the crane tipped onto the building just after 10:30 am, it was being operated in a construction zone on Yuille St.

According to them, “around 70 patients were evacuated from the hospital as a precaution and no one was hurt in the event.”According to the representative, Work Safe was informed.The hospital’s inpatient ward had been hit by the crane, according to a caller who went by the name Sally and called Melbourne radio station 3AW.

The crane can be seen falling through the roof of the hospital in photos released by the broadcaster.


Sally stated that the area had been evacuated.The crane is fairly large,No injuries have been recorded thus far.A crane collapsed on the mental health inpatient section of a vital Melbourne hospital, forcing the evacuation of about 70 people.

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