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Trending video of portugal footballer,Goncalo Ramos, with a strange woman


Trending Video of Gocalo Ramos:

This Wednesday, December 7, the name of Gonçalo Ramos was once again everywhere, including in the trending topics on Twitter. Only, this time, it wasn’t because of an excellent performance on the field, but because an intercourse video of the footballer began to circulate.

The day after shining at the Qatar Football World Cup, Gonçalo Ramos returns to the spotlight because Intercourse video of the footballer runs on social networks. Sharing without consent is still not a crime.


Details of trending video of Portugal footballer:

The day before, December 6, the 21-year-old striker scored a hattrick, in a game that ended 6-1 and which qualified Portugal for the quarterfinals. Someone released a 45-second video of the Benfica player in an intense moment. While, at the beginning, it is impossible to understand who it is, towards the end, the Algarve shows its face and puts an end to doubts. From what you can understand from the images, the video was sent by direct message on Instagram and is now circulating on social networks. On Twitter, there are those who make fun of the situation, but there are also those who condemn it, calling the initiative to share this type of content “disgusting”

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