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Iso Omena,Iso Omena video,iso omena vartijat,iso omena vartijat video,iso omena


The video of Iso Omena Vartijat is capturing a lot attention on all the social media sites specially on Twitter.it is creating a separate buzz everywhere on internet that it’s popularity has increased Incredibly in a very short duration of time.

Social Media users are very curious to know about the content of the video and also want to know deliberately that why it is trending on internet.If you too want to know about the details of the Iso Omena Vartijat then read the full article.

What is Iso Omena?

Iso Omena is a shopping centre in Matinkylä, Espoo, Finland, opened on September 24, 2001.Iso Omena has over 200 fashion, leisure and interior design shops and an excellent selection of grocery stores .

With more than 200 different shops and services, Iso Omena is among Finland’s largest shopping centres.it is also considered as best shopping centre.recently a video of this shopping centre is getting trending.The details of the video are given below.

Iso Omena vartijat video:

As we discussed that Video of Iso Omena varijit has became the hotly debated topic of discussion.In the video we can see that there were four or five guards in the situation.

The guards first dragged the woman out of the clothing store. The woman was not willing to go with the guards.After this, the four guards put the woman on the ground and lay on top of her.

one guard was monitoring the situation.After a few minutes, the woman lost consciousness and they started to resuscitate her. First aid units and police patrols arrived at the shopping center.

Who was the woman in Iso Omena vartijat video:

In the video of Iso Omena vartijat video we can see that the sufferer woman in the video was a blond woman But we don’t know much about her identity.Further investigations are going on by thé police.we will update it for you guys as soon as we get any information regarding the woman.

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