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Job opportunity in Services Of Consultants Required

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Office of the Auditor General Of Pakistan

Constitution Avenue Islamabad.

Consulting is defined as the training of furnishing a third festivity with know- style on a calculate in change for a figure. The service may involve both premonitory or perpetration services. For the adviser, taking an unprejudiced and independent station on an issue is vital to his/ her part.

A adviser can, in principle, service any sector. Over the beyond many decades, still, the term has come synonymous with business advisory – which focuses generally on business strategy, operation, organisation, functional strategies and technology. The records of the consulting assiduity commences in the late nineteenth century with the founding of the world’s first ultramodern consulting organisations, also appertained to as business premonitory companies.

In the early days of the consulting assiduity ( starting in the US and latterly crossing over to Europe and the rest of the world) the first consultancies targeted their premonitory services especially on solvingConsultants work within nearly every assiduity, and can help with nearly every task imaginable by accelerating inner help workflows.

Consultancy isn’t confined to just specialized or company backing within a company, but can correspond of a consultancy establishment supporting a business with veritably particular tasks, like incorporating the architectures of two companies through the pall, or veritably broad tasks, like supporting to optimize marketing and deals channels, amongst numerous other things.

Consultants are experts in their field, and suppose-tanks who work with companies as counsels. They eventually help a business with particular, vital and complex problems, which is frequently included with optimizing the company’s workflows and systems, and furnishing perceptivity on a way to do effects more. specialized and financial enterprises.

Moment, there are over 6000 consulting enterprises in India alone, set to grow as important as 9000 enterprises worth about crores by 2020. These enterprises offer all kinds of different services, gauging across endless fields, disciplines and sectors.

A adviser (from Latin consultare”to deliberate”) is a professional ( also known as expert, specialist, see performances of that means below) who provides recommendation and farther purposeful conditioning in a place of specialization. One of the most vital kinds of business consulting is system consulting, where a adviser acts as an companion to a company in the sense of supporting the association to produce and observe a long- time period design or strategic plan.

Such a plan helps to set up the direction that the company will take withinside the long- term, along with growing a chart that defines the direction that the company will take in the short- time period so as to satisfy all long- term goalsBusiness Consulting is frequently confused with other kinds of consulting, similar as strategic consulting or operation consulting.

Business consulting is a form of company consulting where a specialist ( typically one with numerous times of business experience) assists with optimizing internal workflow and the internal inner workings of the business as a whole.

Departmen of Auditor General of Pakistan interested to hire the services of following Consultants / skilled in MP-1 and MP-II Scales, having same qualification from HEC well known universities also with working experience of minimum five years on contract basis for a time period of three years later the time period increase for another two years, in the following sectors or field given below:

0 Social Safety Nets / Poverty Alleviation

i) Oil and Gas

1) Public Debt and Financial Management Information Technology and Data Analytics Forensics

vi) Environment and Climate Change

vil) Taxation

vill) Construction and Civil Works

Procurement and Comract Management

x) Power Sector

Name of the post,

Social Safety Net and Poverty Alleviation Expert.

Scale ,


No,of the post is only one

Candidates age requirements is 62 years.

Educational requirements,

The candidates have a degree in those subjects related to poverty Alleviation social safety nets.

Experience requirements,

14 years experience in the same field is required .

Post no 2,

Forensic Expert,

scale,Mp 11

No of the post is only one

Age limit is 62 years.

Educational requirements,

The interested candidates must have a degree in Ph.D in forensic accounting or audit with related to the subjects.

Experience requirements,

10 years professionals experience are required for this post.

Post no 3,

Taxation Expert

Post scale,Mp 2

Number of vacant seats is only one

Age limit is 62 years

Educational requirements,

The candidates have a degree of Ph.D in the subjects of Taxation.


10 years working experience are required.

Post no 4,

Procurement and contract management expert,

scale,Mp 2

Number of vacant seats is only one

Age restriction is 62 years old

Educational requirements,

The candidates have a degree of Ph.D in forensic accounting and audit related to the subjects.

Experience requirements,

14 years experience demanded for the post.

How to apply?

To know about the more details about the above mentioned posts visit website

WWW .agp.gov.pk

Interested candidates apply for the above mentioned posts and send their Educational documents CVs and experience certificates.

Only short listed candidate who are eligible for this post are called for test and interview.

No TA ,DA is acceptable during test and interview.

The interested candidates apply for the post with in 15 days after publishing the advertisement.

Civil servants apply for the above mentioned posts through proper channel.


(Bilal Ahmad)

Director Special Sector Audit Wing Office of the Auditor General of Pakistan Sector G-5, Constitution Avenue Islamabad

Phone. 7898/2021 (ISB-G)

Job opportunity in Services Of Consultants Required

Job opportunity In Project Management Unit

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