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Kirsty Buchan Video – Physics teacher video- kirsty buchan physics teacher video


After students found her profile on an adult website, a high school physics teacher in Scotland quit.After pupils saw her filthy images on website, the Scottish physics instructor who had claimed she needed the side job to support her sick kid quit.

After her X-rated content was discovered, Kirsty Buchan, 33, of Coatbridge, resigned from her position at Bannerman High School this week, but she defended her after-hours job on the adult website, according to the New York Post.

She told the Daily Record that her 11-year-old child is in need of surgery for a serious gastrointestinal illness.

She told the Scottish news organisation, “Some people are thinking I must be crazy to move from being a physics teacher to selling adult images online.”However, it has become abundantly evident to me that I was insane to remain at that work for six years while dealing with the stress I was exposed to every day.

I was working beyond 1 in the morning and the stress was unbearable. I was so distraught at my circumstance that I was unable to know where to turn.

According to Ms. Buchan, she had heard that other instructors were earning as much as £50,000 ($60,000; AU$108,000) per month through a website.”Even though I had a mortgage and obligations to pay, I made the decision easily. The Daily Record quoted her as saying, “Glasgow City Council has come out and stated they were going to reprimand me but they were never going to get the satisfaction of that.

I Feel like a huge burden has been removed off my shoulders after directing them what to do with their work.She also placed the onus of responsibility on the parents, alleging they failed to take the necessary precautions to prevent their children from having access to adult websites.

The Scottish Sun quoted Ms. Buchan as saying, “Some people are being so judgmental but I’m on an adult site and if the kids have access to the information then that’s down to the parents failing to protect their devices.”

“Who are they to pass judgement?I have to tell my story. I will do whatever to take care of my son. How many parents can make that claim? People have now questioned whether or not I’m being silly, but I’m not; I worked very hard to earn a degree in physics. I could go to work and not be respected by my superiors rather than sharing photographs and working to support my baby. I consider that to be using my brain.

Ms. Buchan reported receiving encouraging notes about her side gig from kids and teachers.”I’ve heard that my body belongs to me, and I get to decide how I use it. And it is the final conclusion. I’m not ashamed of my body, and I talked to my lover about everything before deciding to create the account on a website, she said, according to the Daily Record.”I’m in a committed, monogamous relationship, and I’ve just chosen a career that breaks no laws, so I’m not turning into someone who’s having intercourse left, right, and centre.”

She added that she dealt with “a lot of intercourse just by being a physics teacher working in a setting that was predominately male.” And I’ll receive it thanks to what I’ve decided to do right now,” she replied.But if they criticise me for this, they’re just being misogynistic. And I’ll bet that half of them are female because they can’t do it themselves, so they’re envious.

Ms. Buchan’s case follows that of a Year 8 teacher in Arizona and her husband, who were fired from their jobs at the school after making adult movies in her classroom.

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