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Kyler Murray Hit Video – Kyler Murray Hit in the Face


Police are investigating an incident between Kyler Murray and a fan following the Cardinals’ overtime win over the Raiders in Las Vegas on Sunday.Murray appeared to get hit in the face by a fan following his team’s win in Las Vegas on Sunday afternoon.Police are now investigating the incident.

Officer Larry Hadfield, a Las Vegas police spokesman, confirmed that a battery complaint was made about 6:30 p.m. at the stadium. The report was not immediately available,” the Associated Press reports.A slow-motion video of the Kyler Murray-fan incident has surfaced on social media.

Kyler Murray Hit in the Face video

Kyler Murray led the Arizona Cardinals to a huge comeback win over the Las Vegas Raiders on Sunday. Murray broke out several breathtaking plays to carry the Cards to a win and save them from an 0-2 start. Murray took a smack in the face for his efforts.After Cardinals cornerback Byron Murphy Jr. returned a fumble 59 yards for a game-winning touchdown in overtime, the team spilled onto the field to celebrate. Murray ran to an area behind the end zone to greet a few fans and as he did so, a fan reached out and hit him in the face.

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