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Lara Nesteruk Trending video on twitter | Lara Nesteruk video Trending on Twitter


The Video of Lara Nesteruk is trending on internet and has created a great hype on Twitter and other social media sites.Lara Nesteruk is a professional nutritionist from Brazil. She is also a social media influencer and has millions of followers. Usually, Lara made headlines for her profession but nowadays she is in headlines because of a video.

According to the sources, Lara Nesteruk video is trending on Twitter and other websites. Her followers and fans must be interested to know what is in the video.They are searching the video on social media that’s why the popularity of this video has been incredibly increased. In this video we have discussed everything that you should know about the video of Lara Nesteruk.

Details of Lara Nesteruk video:

According to sources in this video Lara Nesteruk was asked for her advice on protecting breastfeeding as a businesswoman in a story published in March. She replied with a controversial statement about pregnant woman which was against the ethics and rules of law about laborers.Due to that statement she was in a condition that she must have pay the fine because:

Lara’s statement is against the Section 373 of the CLT (Consolidated Labor Code), which prohibits, from“refusal of employment, promotion because of age, colour, family status or pregnancy status”. Lara Nesteruk made controversial statement.

Now an agreement is going to be done between Lara Nesteruk and Sao Paulo’s Ministry of Public Labor which the nutritionist clarified herself. In addition, Lara also said that she will post an apology video on Wednesday, if she will not post the video, she will have to pay a fine of 50,000 reais.

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