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Light the Beam trending on Twitter | Sacramento Kings light the beam


Light the Beam trending on Twitter

Light the Beam!” is a slogan and rallying cry for the Sacramento Kings of the National Basketball Association (NBA). The phrase first appeared early in the Kings’ 2022–23 season, when they would light a purple beam of light from their Golden 1 Center arena following a victory. The slogan became well-known among Kings supporters, especially as a result of the team’s improved performance in comparison to previous campaigns.

The shout has been connected notably to the games of centre Domantas Sabonis and point guard De’Aaron Fox. The Kings have been referred to as the “Beam Team” during the season due to their proficiency using the beam.

Sacramento Kings light the beam

The Sacramento Kings have stamped their playoff ticket for 2023 on Wednesday with a victory of 120–80. That’s right: The NBA’s longest postseason drought, which lasted 16 long years, is now finally ended. Turn on light the beam.

It took a few extra days, but the Kings eventually defeated the depleted Portland Trail Blazers with a resounding victory to take charge of their own postseason fate. Chants of “Light the beam” erupted in Portland at the conclusion of the game.


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