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Lil Pump video Twitter | Lil Pump Smokes video while pumping gas station


The video of Lil Pump is generating a huge amount of interest among social media users. People are very curious to know about the content of the video Of Lil Pump that is getting trending on Twitter and other social media platforms.people are searching it on different websites due to which the hype of the video has increased incredibly.

Lil Pump posted this video on Twitter but Social media users who have watched the video consider it weird and unethical video instead of perceiving this as a fun video. If you want to know about the full details of the video then read the full article. For those who don’t know about who is Lil Pump here’s a short introduction of him.

Who is Lil Pump?

The original name of Lil Pump is Gazzy Garcia and he is professionally known as Lil Pump.Lil pump is an American rapper who is 22 years old.He can often be seen on social media engaging in unwise behavior.This Time he is also became the talk of the town because of his video which is getting trending on internet rapidly.

Details of the video:

In this Video we can see the lil Pump on a gas station.According to the sources last week Lil Pump shared a video of himself filling up his tank at a station while smoking a cigarette dangerously close to the pump. People consider it a risky and dangerous Stunt But Lil pump Doesn’t see this As Unethical or dangerous.

Social media users thinks that any kind of video that promotes dangerous actions should not spread, and they are condemning this act of Lil pump.

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