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Melih Kalkan Öldü,YouTuber Melih Kalkan Ölümden Önceki Son video


Death oF Melih Kalkan

It’s very sad and shocking to hear about the death of 14 years old Melih Kalkan.Melih Kalkan succumbed to cystic fibrosis disease and died. Melih Kalkan’s sudden death shocked his fans. Cantuğ Özsoy announced the bitter news on his social media account.

Who was Melih Kalkan?

Melih Kalkan often participated in the broadcasts of the Twitch broadcaster Cantuğ Özsoy, nicknamed Unlost. The little publisher, who received great sympathy in these broadcasts, dreamed of being both a Twitch streamer and an esports player.

Cause of death of Melih Kalkan:

Melih Kalkan has been struggling with cystic fibrosis since From childhood.

In genetic cystic fibrosis (CF) mucus and sweat glands in the respiratory, digestive, and reproductive systems are affected by birth.Lung, pancreas, liver, gut, sinus, and genital function are all profoundly impacted by cystic fibrosis.This is an inherited disease.

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