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What is Mental Illness?Causes of Mental Illness


As we all know that today’s life has became very hectic.we all are facing some some physical problems as well as Mental problems.Generally we don’t talk about our mental Illness But this can be very risky Because if you have a sick and ill mind You cannot do anything properly even you cannot enjoy the peace of little things in your life like Spending time with yourself or with your loved ones.

To overcome these type of issues so that you can Manage your everyday stress or your unconscious fear and thoughts and not let them disturb your working and personal life,You have to know about what is mental illness.In this article we will tell you about what is Mental illness and which factors can cause the mental illness so you can cure then at time and protect yourself from suffering.

What is Mental Illness ?

Mental illnesses are health conditions involving changes in emotion, thinking or behavior.Basically how people think, feel, and behave considered as mental health criteria and if any negative change occurs in these terms then it can reffered as Mental Illness.Mental illness can be a cause of many issues that can be severe.

Mental health can affect one’s daily life, relationships, and physical health.and if you’re suffering from mental illness then you cannot enjo Your life and can’t balance your life activities,responsibilities and achieve mental peace.Anxiety,bipolar disorders and depression are major types of mental illness.

Causes of Mental Illness:

There are many causes that leads to mental illness few of them are listed below:

Genetics can be a major cause of mental illness.it has seen in several cases that the patient were mostly those whose parents has some sort of mental illness history.

Childhood Abuse Things that happens to someone in their childhood can clearly effect his mental health and can leads to severe mental illness.

Social Isolation in any case e.g discrimination ,bullying,Harassing and poverty etc can also contribute to Mental Illness.

Adult Trauma can also effect mental health e.g sudden loss of your house or job,unemployment or Loss of someone special can leave diverse effects.

Accidents such as brain injuries or neurological disorders or being the victim of a violent crime can also cause mental illness.Domestic violence can also effect mental health.

These were some major causes of Mental Illness.These can cause your behaviour,moods and attitudes to the extent that sometimes you can harm yourself.so it’s important to check your mental health and if you’re suffering from it you should get a professional help.


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