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Mosul Orb Video | Mosul Orb video twitter


The video of Mosul Orb is generating a huge amount of interest on all the social media Sites. it is gaining a lot of attention among social media users.

People who watch videos online are very are very curious to know about the details of the video.to see the details read the full article

What is Mosul Orb?

Here are the details about what is Mosul Orb exactly is.According to the sources of Corbell Mosul Orb is a metallic looking thing and it’s image taken in northern Iraq in the first episode of his new podcast.

Mosul Arb video details

The Mosul Arb Video’s duration is about four second.This video was seen on Tuesday for the first time.This video Has gained a lot of popularity among social media platforms.

In the video we can see that An image of a Orb object can be seen flying over the Iraqi city of Mosul right on the active conflict zone has been released for the first time.

This metallic looking orb was filmed by a U.S. military spy plane in an active zone, but the Department of Defense has refused to answer any questions about it.

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