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Popeyes woman video jumped | Popeyes Woman Fight Video Jumped – Popeyes Staff Beats a Woman


A video Of Popeyes woman is getting huge amount of interest among social media sites specially on Twitter.This video is generating a great curiosity among social media users and they are very interested to know about the details of the video. If you want to know about the details of video read the full article.

Popeyes is a restaurant where people go to have different chicken varieties. But a recent video that went trending shows a different side of this restaurant. This video shows a fight between a customer and an employee at the cash register. In the video, both the party seem to throw things at each other.

Details of the popeyes woman fight video:

A video of almost the entire Popeyes staff arguing with a customer who was placing an order started to go trending on Twitter. The location of the incident is unknown. When the video first starts, it is obvious that the customer insulted the cashier by saying something. The same cashier then throw an unknown item possibly some condiments at the customer.

The customer as a result returns certain things. Later, several staff members approached the woman from behind. At the end of the video, you can see that it takes 2 male employees and the man with the woman to break up the fight.

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